Shifting mindsets: How communication can shape early childhood outcomes - Sector

Shifting mindsets: How communication can shape early childhood outcomes

September 7, 2021 - September 7, 2021

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Whether it is written or verbal, communication can impact how we think, feel and relate to others. For child and family welfare professionals, the information we receive about clients can affect how we engage with them directly and how we work with other professionals in supporting child safety and wellbeing.

Making small shifts in the words we choose and the way we deliver them can prevent unintended reactions, improve message clarity and promote helpful responses. This webinar will explore how adapting communication about early childhood can promote child safety, development and wellbeing. Specifically, it will consider:


  • How communication can shape the way professionals think and feel
  • How the language professionals use, and their communication style, can impact child safety, development and wellbeing – for better and worse
  • How to adapt communication practices to promote better outcomes for children and families.


This webinar will be of interest to professionals working with children and/or their caregivers across early learning and care services, family and relationship services and parenting programs.


We encourage you to test your system before the webinar, and read our Frequently Asked Questions. This webinar will be recorded and made available on the CFCA website two weeks after the broadcast.



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