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RIE Foundations Course

March 13, 2023 - March 24, 2023

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About the Course


Course content includes an overview of Magda Gerber’s Educaring® Approach – gross motor, fine motor and social-emotional development of the infant – designing the environment – planning the curriculum – issues in parenting.


The online format includes:


  • lectures
  • videos
  • discussion
  • observations
  • reading
  • site visits (covid pending)

Hear what Educators had to say about the RIE® Foundations workshop last year


“Attending the RIE® course has been a rollercoaster of emotions… I had that mirror put up in front and I didn’t like what I saw. My biggest takeaway will be to suspend judgment, and I’ve been unpacking the meaning of the word ‘arrogance’ and how I bring that to work with me every day.” Bronwyn, Gowrie, Erskineville

“The way I felt two weeks ago has complete changed. These children are individual human beings. I am looking at the children so differently. I can see the details in their little lives. Before doing this RIE® foundations course, I would just see them as the whole person. The whole little person. Oh, yes, they need to be fed, changed or sleep. But I was just meeting their needs. Those routine, caregiving moments are so important. And when I really paid attention and I was listening, I was more attuned to them.” Emma, Orchard ELC

“I had a big mind shift – changing how I perceive myself. How I look at children – and the relationships with the staff, children and families.” Shayla, Gowrie Erskineville

I think that the message we leave with children from the day they are born, if we treat them with respect and they come to know what respect is, they will hopefully know how to treat others with respect,” Elena Marouchos.

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Course Requirements


This course requires preparation work and post-assessment, including the purchase of texts as advised by RIE® . By registering for this course you acknowledge these requirements.

Textbooks can be purchased here


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