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Reaching the Unreachable Child

September 7, 2021 - September 14, 2021

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This is a two-part webinar delivered over two consecutive weeks, sessions cannot be attended individually.


Based on trauma informed practice, Richard will discuss techniques on how to advocate for the child to find their voice so they can re-engage with their world.


When a child or young person’s trauma results in their retreat, practitioners need new tools in their trauma informed ‘tool kit’. Join Richard as he shares ideas on how to reach the child who is angry; the child who is silent; and the child who is disengaged.  This webinar series will expand your knowledge of why these children retreat, how to help them re-engage with the world so they can begin their healing through communicating and relationship building.


Session 1

Practice ideas on working with a child where they have learnt anger and control provides them safety however, the impact of these defence mechanisms is a challenge to themselves and those caring for them.


Session 2

Helping children who are struggling to be heard or have learnt not to be heard; Richard will share approaches on how to acknowledge the voice of the child through interventions such as play, art and communication rich activities that build on their self-confidence and relationships with those around them.


Attendees will need to have texters, paper and a note pad available for each session.


Dates & Time:

Session 1, Tuesday 7 September, 8am – 10am (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
Session 2, Tuesday 14 September, 8am – 10am (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

Cost: $350.00 (incl. GST)



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