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Quickies: How to create best-of-class policies & documentation

November 23, 2020 - November 23, 2020

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ACA NSW Office 19 Fennell Street Parramatta, NSW 2150

How to ensure approved providers have best-of-class policies & documentation


The Australian Childcare Alliance (ACA) NSW has put together a series of short but to the point presentations that help existing and new providers. The ACA NSW Quickies sessions are only 2 hours or less and held throughout the year. They bring Approved Providers, Owners, Directors and Educational Leaders with industry-specific information, advice, tips and even “tricks”.


The 2020 series of ACA NSW’s Quickies is:

• Help with NSW’s service provider approval process

• Maximising & managing staff performance … LEGALLY

• Secrets of the “new” A&R

• Creating the best possible QIP/Self-Assessment Tool for the “new” NQF

• Multiplying Success after your first Service – The foundational elements to replicate success

• Improving Services from Fair to Fantastic

• How to always be ready for spotchecks/compliance visits

• How to ensure have best-of-class policies & documentation

• How to design the best performing centres

• Getting the CCS Application Process to work for services and families


All early childhood education and care services are reliant on policies and documentation to ensure not just compliance with legislation and regulations, but also to ensure consistent best-practice through educators, teachers and staff when it comes to educational, social and safety outcomes. And rightly so.


But legislation, regulations, and best practices are constantly evolving. So approved providers and centre directors are faced with the difficult task of keeping pace, especially when policies, documentation and their embedded practices have a direct impact on the assessment and rating of their services.


Presented by Dr Brenda Abbey of Childcare By Design, this ACA NSW Quickies session is designed for approved providers and centre directors who need help in prioritising what they should focus on and what sources of information are available in order for services to have the best-of-class policies and documentation.


The session will also canvass:

1. What does the Regulatory Authority look for in policies and documentation during assessment and ratings? And why?

2. How do you tell the difference between good and best-of-class policies and documentation?

3. What evidence is there of the quality of policies and documentations directly affecting education, social and operational outcomes?

4. How do you demonstrate that the policies and documentations are embedded practices?

5. Where are the leading sources of best-of-class policies and documentation?


Prices are:

• ACA NSW members: $100 inc GST per person

• Non-members: $170 inc GST per person


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