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Putting early childhood leadership in action together

June 14, 2019 - June 14, 2019

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Manningham City Council, 699 Doncaster Road Doncaster

The focus will be on leadership that looks at the relationship between governance and pedagogical leadership (Quality Area 1 and Quality Area 7). Understanding how these relate is critical to addressing the new NQS and to achieve Exceeding standards. Through a combination of inspirational stories from the field and targeted sessions – ending in a collaborative workshop – this session aims to provide clear plans of action for embedding leadership on multiple levels within your service.


After registering for this session, keep an eye on your email as there will be a unique opportunity to co-construct the learning in this session to ensure it meets your learning needs!


Links to APST   Knowledge 2.3    Practice 3.3     Engagement 6.1, 6.2, 7.2, 7.4


Links to NQS    QA4  QA7


Presenters: Catharine Hydon – Hydon Consulting, Sharon Jordan – Clare Court Children’s Centre (re Stories from the field), Our Community (Community building consultants)


To learn more, or to register, please see here: https://elaa.org.au/event/putting-early-childhood-leadership-in-action-together/

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