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Putting children first – In Queensland

September 8, 2020 - September 8, 2020

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Children thrive when governments, communities, organisations and business all work together in a coordinated way to put children first.


Join this webinar for a fresh discussion about primary prevention at all levels in Queensland – including the ways that good policy can inform practice, and in return good practice can inform policy.


A keynote by Hoani Lambert from the NZ Ministry for Children will discuss the importance of an overarching framework for children’s wellbeing. We will then hear from Professor Sharon Goldfeld from the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute who will highlight how different factors in our communities – physical, social, socio-economic, services, etc – influence the way that children develop.


Local Queensland examples will show how all members of the community can play a part, including private sector organisations who may not traditionally have seen child wellbeing as their role.

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