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Protecting Yourself as an Business

October 7, 2021 - October 7, 2021

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The topics to be covered in the ACA NSW Quickies – Protecting Yourself As A Business are:


  • What are the Top 10 strategic mistakes that Approved Providers make?
  • Are you leveraging your land component? Or do you have the possible best leasing arrangement?
  • What government records are there that are against you that could disadvantage you in the future?
  • What arrangements are in place to prevent/minimise/remove negative print/radio/TV media coverage and social media posts?
  • What are the potential legislative changes that can negatively affect your business in the next 12-36 months?


Running businesses in Australia is not for the faint-hearted. And with disruptions being the norm rather than the exception these days, Approved Providers need to always have their eye on their long term future.


If you are an existing Approved Provider, or about to open a new service, or have just purchased a service, or planning to run a service, or are responsible for managing a team of staff, then this ACA NSW Quickies session can be of assistance to you.


Alignment with National Quality Standards:


  • 2.2 – Safety
  • 3.1 – Design
  • 4.1 – Staffing
  • 7.1 – Governance
  • 7.2 – Leadership


Members $100, Non-Members $170 (or $150 early bird when available). Register here. 

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