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Presentation Skills Course: Communicating for Impact

December 1, 2020 - December 1, 2020

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This presentation skills course will cover the following content:

Preparing for an initial positive impression

  • Research your audience – form your message.
  • Open, connect and have a structure.

Commencing the presentation

  • Look and sound confident with calm enthusiasm – be positively memorable.
  • Creating intrigue about the message (the art of storytelling) – fuelling anticipation for the key point.

Delivering the body of the presentation

  • Structure the presentation to maintain audience attention and create impact.
  • Work with an Open-Middle-Close structure by applying the principle of ‘less is more’ (i.e. use less words for more impact).

Ways of encouraging audience participation

  • How to project certainty through your speaking cadence.
  • How to check if your messages are landing and understood.
  • How to build your thinking and speaking on your feet.
  • Managing challenging questions from your audience.
  • How to build your fluency and flexibility with ‘under fire’ questions.

Additional considerations

  • Prepared vs. impromptu public speaking.
  • Movement, eye contact and gestures.
  • Voice modulation.
  • Dealing with nerves.


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