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Online Workshop: Empowering Children through Citizen Science

July 30, 2024 - July 30, 2024

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This two-hour online workshop is held in the lead up to the National Science Week 2024 (10-18 August) and aims to support early childhood educators and teachers to explore this year’s theme, “Species Survival — More Than Just Sustainability”, in a positive and age-appropriate way.


After much consideration, we’ve chosen to look at this year’s theme through the lens of citizen science and children as powerful agents of change 


Citizen science provides meaningful opportunities for children to collect data, run experiments, document findings, and engage and share reports with local community and environmental groups. In this online two-hour workshop, educators will learn how to introduce children to the world of citizen science, promote environmental awareness, and design simple and engaging citizen science projects.  You will gain practical ideas — like monitoring local waterways and wildlife, tracking weather patterns, nature scavenger hunts — that empower children to lead their own explorations and make a positive impact on the world around them. 


This online workshop is aligned with the EYLF 2.0 and aims to be as interactive as possible by inviting educators attending live to ask questions, share ideas, and enthusiastically engage.  


Learn more or register here. 

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