Nathan Wallis: Neuroscience and practical implications for everyday practice

July 26, 2019 - July 26, 2019


Capalaba State College - Cultural Centre 150 Mount Cotton Road Capalaba, QLD 4157

Nathan Wallis is a father of three & foster parent with a professional background in child counselling, teaching and social service management. Until recently he lectured in Human Development at the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand and was also a board member and senior trainer with the national body responsible for the dissemination of neuroscientific research to professionals.


Nathan’s presentations explore how the brain works and how neuroscience can better inform our day to day interactions with children and young people. Information about the human brain (and how it grows to reach full potential) has exploded into our awareness over the past twenty years.


Nathan presents the practical implications of this research with a focus on how to use this knowledge to create better outcomes.


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