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My friend has two mums – gender and sexuality in early childhood (online)

May 2, 2020 - May 2, 2020

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As society changes, the issues we face in early childhood change. Things we may have never thought of impacting on our work, now do. Things like sexuality and gender.

Our services are now working with children who identify with a different gender, with same sex parents, with openly gay and lesbian educators. And, importantly how we deal with these issues are part of the National Quality Standard!


But how do we learn about them? We now know a lot more about gender and sexuality than we probably did when you studied at Uni or TAFE. But, till now, there has never been a course where you could learn about things such as:

• how to do inclusion right for children and families of all genders and sexualities
• what the I in LGBTI+ actually means
• unknowing discrimination of children and families
• rainbow families
• heterosexual, lesbian, and, gay educators

But now there is.

‘My friend has 2 mums’: exploring gender and sexuality in early education and care, is the course you need to learn all the things you’ve wondered about.


The best things about this course?


1. It’s inexpensive. Only $220 for the whole course.


2. You can do it from home. You will receive access to 13 videos to watch, readings, practical tasks, and Dr Red Ruby Scarlet’s ongoing support via a Facebook Live to talk you through the topic areas and to answer any questions.


3. You can fit it in. The course is available to you for 12 months to watch at your leisure.


4. It’s delivered by subject matter experts. People like Professor Kerry Robinson, Anthony Semann, Nana Miss Koori – 13 different presentations in all.


5. It’s practical. It will relate to your service, your role, your children, your colleagues, now.


6. It’s NESA approved. If you are a NSW teacher you receive 20 hours accredited training for this one course.


7. It’s a MutiVerse course. It’s been developed by Dr Red Ruby Scarlet so it will be fun, lively, colourful, and practice driven.


Course Content and Presenters:


The content videos will consist of interviews between Dr Red Ruby Scarlet and those listed below:


Module 1.  Queer Thinking in Early Childhood – Professor Kerry H Robinson

Module 2.  The National Quality Framework – Nicholas Stewart

Module 3.  Putting Inclusive Policies in Place – Anthony Semann

Module 4.  Using Anti-Bias Approaches – Jill Huntley

Module 5.  A Transgender Early Childhood Educator – Sharon Priestley

Module 6.  Heterosexuality as an Identity – Michael McGirr

Module 7.  Transitioning as Parents – Teighan & Tammie Cosier

Module 8.  Queer Pedagogies – Stephen Gallen

Module 9.   Intersex Identities – Dr Agli Zavros-Orr

Module 10. Living Non-Binary – Danny Xanadu

Module 11. Leadership and Life – Sarah Louise & Ace Dean

Module 12. Aboriginal Queerness and Queeness – Nana Miss Koori/Graham Simms

Module 13. Rainbow Families – Ashley Scott and Cathy Brown


Once you have registered for this course you will be added to a secret Facebook Group called “My Friend Has Two Mums 2020” where discussion about the content will take place. The Facebook group is secret so that participants have a safe space to learn, discuss and share. The expert videos, readings, and tasks, will be discussed and your questions can be posed there for Dr Red Ruby Scarlet who will host a Zoom meeting intermittently to support you with the content. Tasks are encouraged for all participants for deep learning and are necessary for those claiming NESA hours in NSW.


Art work by Liv


Contact: [email protected]


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