My cups are full and I’m ready for School with Angie Day - Sector

My cups are full and I’m ready for School with Angie Day

September 22, 2021 - September 22, 2021

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This session is for anyone who wants to better understand the complex and often confusing concept of School Readiness.


The session will provide information and practical strategies to better understand each child, and forward plan practical School Readiness experiences to enhance children’s readiness for the transition to school. I


f you’ve ever struggled to articulate the learning that occurs through a play based curriculum to a parent who questions how you are achieving school readiness without the use of phonics, structured counting worksheets and formal “school readiness sessions”, this is for you.


This session will leave educators with a kit of practical ideas and tools for enhancing their school readiness practices as well as ways to best articulate the learning, life skills and benefits to families.


Professional Standards for Teachers: 1,3,7 | NQS Quality Areas: 1,6


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