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Mindfulness in Nature for Educators and School Staff

October 17, 2020 - October 17, 2020

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Pullenvale Environmental Education Centre 250 Grandview Road Pullenvale, QLD 4069

A 7-Day Challenge and Half-Day Retreat, for QLD Mental Health Week


hosted by Pullenvale Environmental Education Centre and Mind With Heart Australia


Let’s slow down and breathe… listening deeply…

Relaxing on the soft grass, in the shade of the gum trees…

Feeling the wind warm on our skin…

Connecting with nature…

Connecting with ourselves…

Ideas of demands and deadlines vanish…

Refreshed and revitalised again.


Are you an educator, or member of school staff? Would you like to unwind, and revitalise? Connecting with nature for a short time in a simple but nourishing way?


Join us in this easy 7-day mindfulness in nature challenge, and half-day retreat!


Practising mindfulness in nature helps us to open our senses, be present, listen deeply to life and feel alive again.


De-stressing in nature is medicine for the fatigues and stresses we accumulate in our work. It’s something we can continue to keep learning and enjoying by ourselves, at little or no cost, as part of an ongoing healthy self-care or mental wellbeing plan. And it doesn’t have to take a long time.


So why not join us? Getting outdoors helps us to stay active and healthy, take notice of the environment, embrace nature and connect to ourselves more often.


7-days of Mindfulness in Nature

Every day during QLD Mental Health Week (10-18 Oct 2020) you’ll receive an email, with some hot tips for how to connect with nature in just a few minutes every day.


Enjoy activities such as:

—looking at some flowers

—enjoying the view from your verandah

—listening to bird song

—walking around the school yard

—taking a photo of something you find beautiful in nature.


These ways of connecting to nature are simple, yet can be deeply refreshing and restorative for our minds and bodies.


Just a few minutes of practising mindfulness in nature every day is proven to reduce stress and enhance mood, vitality, and focus.


Science is now encouraging these practices of connecting with nature and the land, which indigenous traditions have been practising for thousands of years, and which are inherently human!


Half-day Mindfulness in Nature Retreat

Additionally, on the afternoon of Saturday 17th October, we’ll gather for a Half-day Mindfulness in Nature Retreat, hosted by Mind With Heart and Pullenvale Environmental Education Centre.


This will allow us time to really bathe in the experience and let our minds unwind, surrounded by trees and birds. We’ll explore sitting and walking in nature, using mindfulness to help us connect to nature with our senses.


You’ll feel supported by kind, expert guidance from long-term practitioners of nature connection and mindfulness, and in the company of like-minded people.


We’ve kept ticket prices really low, but just email us [email protected] if you need an extra concession. We have a policy of not turning people away for lack of funds.


We’ll also have some social time, sharing food together, and enjoying reflection time in circle to acknowledge the mental health challenges we face as educators and school staff, and how mindfulness in nature can help support our wellbeing.


In this way, we’ll integrate our learning and continue to benefit long after this week is over!


Why not use QLD Mental Health Week 2020 to kickstart a whole new era of mental wellbeing, mindfulness and nature connection?!


To learn more or to register, please see here.

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