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Learning Brought to Life “The Science of Change and Influence”

December 4, 2020 - December 4, 2020

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Audiences will be equipped with strategies to help them thrive in the face of change to transform themselves and their teams, while contributing to greater commercial success.


We’re living in a world and business landscape that’s changing at an unprecedented rate. It’s imperative that we continually evolve the way that we work and lead so we can continue to achieve excellence in this era of uncertainty.


What goes on in our minds when faced with change? Why is it sometimes so hard to manage our emotions and why do we resist? Through an understanding of the basics of neuroscience and the psychology behind how our brain responds to changes at work or in our environment, audiences will be equipped with the Three Part Framework for Change, and strategies effectively lead themselves, and their teams, through a changing business landscape.


Using examples from leading global companies, Shadé will explore the Changesilience Matrix, the importance of a culture of ownership, accountability & responsibility and tools to navigate complex emotional states.


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