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Learning Brought to Life “Building Leadership Awareness”

April 6, 2022 - April 6, 2022

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Before we can become a good leader, we need to ensure that we have a clear understanding of how we appear to others.


This session allows the learner to identify their people style, and to understand how to practically apply this within the workplace to create improved outcomes. The content covered will allow the learner to gain a greater insight to the people style of other team members and how this might work with your own style. In addition to this, learners will explore leadership characteristics, and what the differences are between leadership and management.


This session aims to support the learner to:


  • Improve self awareness;
  • Understand the people style of others;
  • Strengthen their understanding of leadership characteristics;
  • Know when to lead, and when to manage; and
  • How to apply this information within their team or organisation to improve outcomes relating to task, project or relationships.
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