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Lake Mac Child and Family LINK UP Day

March 31, 2022 - March 31, 2022

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The Place Charlestown Community Centre Frederick Street Charlestown, NSW 2290

Join us either on-line or in person for our annual Lake Mac Child and Family LINK UP Day.


A fully catered day (morning tea and lunch), which will offer three sessions – come to one, two or all three sessions and best of all, the event is free for everyone to attend.


Program details:


Session 1


9am-11am – NESA Approved Professional Development


Switched on 4 Life” – Highly skilled presenters, , Lisa van Koeverden and Emma Patrick , who have more than 30 years experience working with children and families will take participants through a 1.5 hour NESA approved workshop. Focusing on neuroplasticity, switching bodies and brains on for learning, and mental wellbeing in children, attendees with walk away with Brain Gym strategies and other techniques that can be implemented immediately with children and families. Switched on 4 life will assist everyone to “Switch on, motivate, connect and relax”.


11.30-1pm – Mini Service Presentations


Hear from local services who are new to the area, services who have developed new programs or who have had a revamp. You wont want to miss this lineup of speakers ready to connect to others in our local area.


1.30-2.30pm – Service Mapping


Lets brainstorm, link in and share who and what is around our local area and consider ways we can reach those who need it most. This guided session will entail a variety of activities to network, connect, share information and map our services for improved delivery.

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