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Kinnections Wellbeing Platform

May 18, 2023 - May 18, 2023

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Kinnections is a wellbeing tool that has been designed specifically for educators working with children as young as three years of age.


It’s a web-based platform with an accompanying mobile application that systematises and simplifies the process of completing regular wellbeing check-ins in education settings. Educators are supported to have purposeful and consistent conversations with children through the regular check ins, that have been developed with a focus on evidence-based indicators including connection, optimism, safety, and current mood.


ARACY is pleased to collaborate with Kinnections to build the capacity of educators to support child wellbeing. During this webinar Josh Vaughan, Founder of Kinnections will share the how and why of Kinnections, as well as touching on the evidence behind its use. Josh will be joined by Caitlin Williams from St Michael’s Primary School to share insights in how the platform has been used at their school.


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