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It Takes 6 – a new way to talk about the needs of children

February 26, 2021 - February 26, 2021

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Do you see people’s eyes glaze over when you talk about public health approaches to child and youth wellbeing?


Then don’t miss out as ARACY and Every Child go IN DISCUSSION with young advocates about changing the conversation and recognising that It Takes 6 – for children and young people to do well.


What is It Takes 6?


It Takes 6 is a communications tool. It aims to help us all ‘cut-through’ to the public, decision-makers and our peers to show that children and young people have needs across 6 primary areas. These include housing, learning and health, as well as a need to participate, to be heard and to be connected to community and culture.


Find out more about the evidence behind It Takes 6 at The Nest in Action


The Event



The voice of young people – The event features a panel of young advocates:


  • Maddison Henaway (FIN SEQ), a young Birri Gubba mother who is focused on reforming child protection systems and bridging the gap between families and policies to ensure the best outcomes for all those affected.
  • Madi Heady (YDAN), a vibrant young woman navigating her way through the world after high school, and living with a disability.
  • members of the Every Child Young Advocates Collaborative


Other speakers include Penny Dakin, CEO of ARACY and Leith Sterling, Executive Director, Child & Family Services at The Benevolent Society.


Learn more about the 6 domains of wellbeing from ARACY’s The Nest and how we can use this to improve the way we support children, young people and families.

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