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Intro to Trauma, Attachment & Positive Behaviour Support

July 3, 2024 - July 3, 2024

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Park Beach Bowls Club 60 Ocean Parade Coffs Harbour, NSW 2450

Introduction to Trauma, Attachment & Positive Behaviour Support Training


Join ThIS Training for an immersive and informative training session on introducing foundational concepts of Trauma, Attachment & Positive Behaviour Support. This in-person event is designed to equip early childhood professionals and caregivers with essential knowledge and practical strategies to better understand and support individuals affected by trauma and attachment challenges.


This foundational training is essential for those who work in early childhood, housing, education, community services and out of home care. Covering concepts of the neuroscience of trauma, developmental trauma and key behaviour support strategies, this evidence informed introduction to trauma gives workers an understanding of trauma based behaviours and best ways to respond.


ThIS training will be facilitated by Kym Glynn. Kym Is a dynamic and engaging facilitator, who believes that quality training is instrumental in creating best outcomes for staff and the people they work with. With over 20 + years in all areas of the human services sector, her training expertise is drawn from frontline practice, management and training in government, not for profit and corporate arenas.


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