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Inside Montessori – A Documentary Film Screening

July 31, 2019 - July 31, 2019

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Art Gallery of New South Wales Art Gallery Road Sydney, NSW 2000

INSIDE MONTESSORI (formerly Building the Pink Tower) is a documentary film that shines a light on how Montessori schools throughout the United States are working to support children in communities right now. These powerful stories of success for children from birth to high school illustrate why so many parents, children, and educators have embraced the Montessori approach to learning, and why the best practices of the proven, developmental and child-centered practices of Montessori education should be available more broadly.


What should the purpose of education be? To create learning environments that allow all children to achieve their full potential. Our changing world requires a learning approach that is proven, grounded in science, and flexible enough for children from all backgrounds to thrive with joy.


This film highlights five Montessori schools that represent replicable models with measurable positive qualitative and quantitative outcomes that can inspire transformative change throughout the United States.Through the power of storytelling, this film invites viewers to enter Montessori classrooms designed for toddlers through high school seniors to experience and be inspired by ideal learning in action.


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