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Five Ways of Being Leadership Symposium

March 19, 2021 - March 19, 2021

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Wilderness School 30 Hawkers Road Medindie, SA 5081

Learning is our core business and needs to sit at the heart of all we think, say and do as educational leaders. Based on the book, Five Ways of Being, this seminar will help you gain an understanding, agreement, and clear articulation of what being a learning leader in an organisation looks, sounds and feels like.


The Five Ways of Being Leadership Seminar supports learning leaders to take charge of their own leadership story, as we help you undertake career-changing self-discovery and give you the practical tools you need.


You will have the opportunity to work alongside the authors of Five Ways of Being, who are also world-class leadership experts, you will access the theory, thinking, and help others do the same.




Do you love what you do but often find yourself wondering whether you are really having the impact you desire?


For school leaders there are many challenges to overcome including:


  • Being too busy to take the time to consider learning at the centre of all we do
  • Spending too much time ticking off tasks that take us away from learning
  • Working out who we are as leaders of learning in schools and teams
  • Struggling to lead people to learn more about themselves and their work
  • Not being able to trust everyone we work with or lead
  • Being courageous in the decisions that must be made
  • Engaging others in a process of change that compels them to invest themselves
  • Competing agendas, lack of time and self-belief
  • Leading people who see the world differently to us

Who Should Attend


  • System Leaders
  • Principals & Deputy Principals
  • Senior, Middle or Emerging Leaders
  • Anyone who is responsible for others’ learning



  • Learn more about your current leadership identity and its implications
  • Increase your capacity to be trustworthy, brave, compelling, purposeful, and growth-focused in your leadership
  • Discover what is required to consciously commit to both your own development and others’, in the ongoing pursuit of learning for all
  • Transform your school culture through what you think, do and say every day
  • Uncover up to 32 practical strategies you can use in your leadership approach today
  • Take home your own copy of Five Ways of Being: What Leaders of Learning Think, Do and Say Everyday as part of your registration


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