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Emergent curriculum in children’s learning environment

March 9, 2020 - March 10, 2020

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Melbourne, venue TBC

The focus of this interactive workshop is to enhance understanding and application about emergent curriculum principles in developing learning environments for young children.


Through discussions, hands-on and reflective activities, participants will gain a deeper understanding about the principles of emergent curriculum – documentation of learning, planning based on documentation and children’s interests and learning, interpretation of documentation, organization of an environment that supports active engagement for both individual and groups of children.


Participants will identify and discuss:

  1. Emergent curriculum values and principles;
  2. Strategies to ensure compliance with existing standards.
  3. The role of the child in an emergent curriculum setting
  4. Principles of project-based learning;
  5. Documentation children’s learning, skills, and interests;
  6. Planning techniques to implement an emergent curriculum learning environment; and
  7. Organizing learning environments that support children’s learning through active play.


Day 1: Overview of Emergent Curriculum


Activities and discussions will focus on:

  1. The key principles and values of an emergent curriculum,
  2. Strategies to ensure compliance with exiting competencies, outcomes, and or standards.
  3. The role of the child in an emergent curriculum setting,
  4. The principles of project-based learning.


Day 2: Planning for an Emergent Curriculum

  1. Documentation strategies of children’s activities and resulting learning.
  2. Planning to support individual and group learning,
  3. Planning and organizing the learning environment to maximize learning


Trainer’s Profile


Dr. Crowther has experience in teaching in the early years – early childhood settings, elementary schools, universities, and colleges. She has presented at numerous childcare conferences both nationally and internationally.


Dr. Crowther has worked in a number of environments that encourage an emergent curriculum approach to learning. She has published articles in a variety of journals and has completed eleven textbooks in the early years, and a number of children’s books that include photographs of children in a variety of international play settings.


This workshop demonstrates principles of emergent curriculum to foster greater understanding and practice of emergent learning.


Target Audience
This workshop is designed for all teachers and other adults who work in early years settings – early childhood and early primary grades.


Early Bird: AUD750.00/person if register by 1 Dec 19
Individual: AUD790.00/person
Group of 5 or more: AUD690.00/person


Information and registration here

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