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Effective professional supervision for children’s wellbeing

October 11, 2023 - October 11, 2023

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Whether you work with children, adults or families, it’s important for all practitioners and service providers to consider the safety and wellbeing of children. However, in adult facing services, practitioners may not always ask clients who are parents about the experiences of their children. Supervisors working with practitioners can ensure that children’s wellbeing is central to practice through safe, analytical and reflective conversations.

Asking a child-focused question of an adult client can be difficult, but this first question is a crucial first step for the child to access the help they need for mental health concerns, trauma, violence or family hardship. Supervisors can empower practitioners to have effective conversations with adult clients and in so doing have a positive impact on children’s physical, social and developmental worlds.

This webinar held in collaboration with Emerging Minds will explore how supervision can improve practitioners’ ability to support children and implement child-aware practices.

This webinar will help you:


  • reflect on how supervision can influence child outcomes
  • apply or seek out supervision strategies that promote child-aware approaches
  • consider how to include reflective practice as part of the supervisor-supervisee relationship
  • cultivate supervision practices as a partnership where both parties can learn, reflect and develop


We encourage you to send through questions for our presenters in advance in the registration form.



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