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August 30, 2023 - September 2, 2023

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Estoril Convention Center, Lisbon, Portugal

Curiosity is an under researched theme that perhaps we should highlight more in EECERA research forums. Thus, EECERA is pleased to make it a key focus for the 2023 Lisbon Conference and relate it with the con-commitments of Children’s Agency and Participation.


Conference Strands


  • Values and Value Education
  • Culture, Community and Society
  • ECEC Contexts, Transition and Practices
  • Play and Learning
  • Supporting Families in Early Years Settings
  • Innovative / Alternative Approaches
  • Parent Partnership in Early Years Settings
  • Professionalism and Pedagogues / Educators Role
  • National Curricula in ECEC
  • Paradigms, Theories and Methodologies for Working with Young Children
  • National and International Research in ECEC
  • The Present and the Future of Child-centred Practice
  • The Child and Local Community
  • Quality Early Childhood Education
  • The Relationship of Home Learning Environment and Local Community
  • Children’s Policy
  • The Role of Families’ Cultural and Social Traditions


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