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Children’s Voices in Community & Organisational Planning

September 13, 2021 - September 13, 2021

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By the end of this webinar , attendees will be able to:


– Discuss the importance of child participation for individuals, organisations and communities

– Identify 3 essential elements for an effective, meaningful and safe engagement with children

– Confidently create inclusive opportunities for children from diverse backgrounds (including disability)

– Identify barriers and enablers for engaging children


This webinar is for professionals who are interested in creating opportunities for young children (under 12 years) to share their ideas, perspectives and insights.


Sonia has 10 years experience working with communities and organisations to capture and embed the perspectives of young children. Her passion is finding opportunities for community planning to be informed and guided by the voices of those who are often unheard including children under 12 years and those living with disability. This webinar introduces her model for planning and implementing best-practice engagement practices with children.


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