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Children’s Brain Development: Trauma and Resilience

October 20, 2022 - October 21, 2022

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Level 9, 110 Sussex St, Sydney

How do early childhood experiences of trauma and abuse effect the developing brain, the nervous system, human behaviour and memory?


How can children’s development and recovery be supported following the experience of adversity?


All these questions and more will be unravelled in this two day interactive course. A must for anyone who works with children and families, this course will explore how the brain develops in the early years of life and the way that the environment interacts with our biology to influence brain development. A key component of healthy brain development lies within the attachment relationship. This course will provide an overview of attachment theory and make the link between the attachment relationship and healthy brain development.


Participants will have the opportunity to learn about the responses that children develop in order to survive the trauma and will also discuss the key principles for supporting resilience and recovery in children.


Participants will be offered the opportunity to explore:


  • The evidence base for brain development and the impact of trauma and adversity on brain development in childhood
  • The developmental trauma model and the Neurosequential model of brain development
  • Key brain structures and their functions
  • The effect of toxic stress on the functioning of the stress response system and hormones
  • Changes in brain structure and functioning as a result of trauma including effect on memory systems, learning and cognition
  • Key principles for supporting children’s development and recovery following adversity
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