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child i view: 54 reasons’ Child Rights Practice and Participation Frameworks Launch Event

March 22, 2023 - March 22, 2023

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Championing children’s rights in Australia. Join us for the release of our Child Rights Practice and Participation Frameworks which guide our approach to working with children and young people in Australia, and have been developed in collaboration with them in order to meet their specific needs.

In this 60-minute session, you’ll hear from 54 reasons’ CEO, our Head of Practice and Impact Measurement, our Child Rights and Participation Practice Development Manager and our National Policy and Advocacy Lead, as well as our Young Advisors. We’ll share insights into how we embed a child rights approach into our services and how this translates into positive outcomes for children in Australia, including:


Child Rights in Practice – Putting child rights at the centre of our practice. The lens through which we see our responsibility is through the eyes of the child – a child i view. We will share how we deliver services using a child rights approach in our practice. The Framework sets out the beliefs, behaviours and approach that we draw on in our work with children. child i view has been designed to guide our practice and support the delivery of high-quality services so that we can fulfil our promise to champion children and their rights.

Child Participation in Practice – Engaging children and young people in meaningful ways matters. The idea that children’s participation is a means to fulfill other rights is critical. Through the way we engage with children and young people we convey value, celebrate and foster strengths, and create physical and psycho-social spaces that encourage children to feel safe and to share in ways that make sense to them. When children feel like their voice matters, and that adults genuinely want to hear what they have to share, we are collectively in a better position to increase protective factors in the lives of children and be a catalyst for systemic change.


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