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Becoming… An Early Childhood Leader with a Progressive Lens

May 13, 2021 - May 13, 2021

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Early childhood education is currently prominent in the news and the forefront of recovery from Covid-19.


Suddenly there are new opportunities for early childhood educators to advance in the field with many new funding sources both local and federal. Now is the time to leverage these new opportunities to ensure high quality and excellence in early education programs through progressive leadership.


This webinar is for you if you:


  • are a teacher who wonders what training you need to be a program director.
  • are an educator planning to transition to leadership in early education.
  • are a principal, assistant principal or other administrator in a school that includes early childhood classrooms but need more specific information about early childhood.


Becoming a program leader is many-faceted and requires business acumen, adult learner development as well as pedagogical understanding. In this illuminating webinar, Alison Pepper, MSEd will share insights about leadership development through a progressive lens. Together with Alison, you will consider the elements that will support your inquiry and knowledge base to become a progressive early childhood leader.


In this inspiring session you will:


Learn about the foundational elements of early childhood program leadership, including Vision and Mission and Program Philosophy


  • Understand the importance of reflective practice in team building through professional development, coaching, and mentoring
  • Explore ways to ensure equity and social justice issues are foundational in your program leadership and family engagement within a context of ethical conduct
  • Develop an understanding of the business side of running an early childhood program with clear policies and procedures
  • Consider the importance of Community Engagement and Advocacy in your local securing your programs’ stability


All sessions are 1.5 hours long, and include a brief announcement from our sponsor.


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