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Australia’s Biggest Child Safety Lesson

September 10, 2020 - September 10, 2020

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Together with our Daniel Morcombe Foundation puppets (Frankie and Alex),
the presenter Chloe Crawford explores some hints about the lesson content.
They establish the theme of safety and outline some guidelines for creating a
safe learning environment.


‘Nickleby’ the magician (Nick Britt) arrives as a surprise guest and then affirms
the right to be safe. The concept of feeling safe is developed. A series of body
clues are identified as possible physical responses the body has when a person
feels unsafe. The examples of a racing heart, shaky legs, hair standing up, goose
bumps and feeling sick in the tummy are supported with an animation.


‘Mr Fluffy’ (Nickleby’s rabbit) makes an appearance. Nickleby advises that,
although Mr Fluffy is cute and looks as though he would be a good listener, he
cannot do anything to keep anyone safe. The importance of safety helpers is
affirmed. Safety helpers are defined.

Together the puppets, Nickleby and the presenter explore examples of a
surprise and a safe secret. Children are then reassured that they are allowed to
talk to a safety helper about anything. The concept of unsafe secrets is raised.
Children are reminded that they are the boss of their own body and that they
can say no to anything that makes them feel unsafe.

The presenter confirms that private parts are covered by underwear or
swimmers. It is clearly stated that, whilst a child may need some assistance to
look after themselves, it would be an unsafe secret if anyone asked to see their
underwear or touch their private parts. It is also established that no one can
ask a child to touch their private parts or show them pictures of private parts.

It is affirmed that abuse is never a child’s fault. Children are reassured that it
would never be their fault if someone asked them to keep an unsafe secret –
similarly, it is never too late to report to a safety helper.


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