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ANROWS presents ‘Working with complexity’

October 29, 2020 - October 29, 2020

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Evidence shows that domestic and family violence (DFV) often occurs with challenges of mental health (MH) and alcohol and other drugs (AOD). In the context of families, these issues significantly impact children, however, in adult-focused services there is a tendency for the needs of children to become invisible. A holistic, collaborative and inter-agency approach is needed to address these complex intersecting issues and work with all members of the family.


The Safe & Together ModelTM (developed by David Mandel) is a multi-disciplinary and inter-agency collaboration across the service system. As a starting point, it aims to keep children safe and together with the non-offending parent. This model is currently implemented across some jurisdictions in Australia, in child protection services and adult DFV, MH and AOD services.

This webinar launches a suite of interconnected research, the Safe & Together Addressing ComplexitY (STACY) and Safe & Together addressing ComplexitY for children (STACY for Children) along with accompanying resources. STACY for Children was developed in collaboration with the Queensland Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women, and jointly funded by ANROWS and the Queensland Government. These projects investigated whether the Safe & Together Model, where implemented holistically across services, leads to better outcomes for children and families living at the intersection of DFV and parental challenges of AOD and/or MH.

Drawing on the research projects, the panel of researchers, practitioners and policymakers will discuss, including:


  • how the Safe & Together Model works in practice in adult-focused services
  • the impact of collaborative, holistic practice in addressing DFV and keeping children safe
  • why an authorising environment is needed to support organisational and practice change
  • future directions for research, and policy and service change.


There will also be a live Q&A.

This webinar is designed for:

  • policymakers, practice design decision makers, practitioners and researchers working in domestic and family violence, mental health, alcohol and other drugs and child protection services


The webinar is free to attend and the recording will also be available on the ANROWS website.


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