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ACA Tasmania Early Learning Conference: Lead Learn Inspire

April 6, 2024 - April 6, 2024

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Aspect Tamar Valley Resort, 7 Waldhorn Dr, Grindelwald TAS 7277

Come together with other passionate early learning leaders as we explore the latest insights and innovations shaping the landscape of early childhood education today. In the relaxing surrounds of Tamar Valley Resort, sector experts will present interactive sessions to inspire you and your team to:


  • LEAD your team and chart the course for a strong collaborative culture
  • LEARN exciting and relevant sessions for educators, leaders and centre directors plus key sector updates
  • INSPIRE magic in your team every day and foster greatness in education and care


Who should attend? 

Approved Providers, Centre Directors and Educators – there is something for everyone at the Early Learning Conference. Places are limited so we encourage you to book early.


Difficult Conversations: elements that strengthen our communications skills


Nicole Lees, Be You

Whether it is communicating with families, team members or children, effective communication is vital. Sometimes these conversations are challenging, but with challenge comes opportunity. This session looks at the elements that will strengthen our communication skills in and out of the workplace.

Magic in the everyday: the extraordinary in the ordinary

Kirsty Liljegren

This presentation will inject new life into educators’ interactions with children, in response to the potential of small encounters. Educators will further appreciate the complexity and possibilities in seemingly simple moments.

There will be a focus on how to make the most of these everyday encounters, from routines, rituals, and unexpected moments that have the potential to be remarkable learning opportunities. This encounter will inspire participants to listen to children differently through the spirit of inquiry, rejuvenating an approach to responsive teaching.


Belonging, Being and Becoming: Implementation through a trauma informed lens

Elspeth Stephenson

The EYLF has been developed to support early childhood providers and educators to extend and enrich the learning of children in their care. It can be challenging to meet this goal for all children, especially for vulnerable children who come into our care without skills to manage adversity.

This presentation will consider how EYLF goals might be achieved by looking through a trauma informed lens. The notion of being trauma informed will be briefly explored, whilst practical examples of implementation will be provided.


Collaborative Leadership and Teamwork: unpacking the new EYLF Principle

Adrian Pattra-McLean, Farran Street Education

In this session, we unpack the new EYLF 2.0 Principle, Collaborative Leadership and Teamwork.  We explore how you can adopt a distributed leadership and community of practice approach in your service. We’ll uncover the 10 key elements that create successful teams and strategies to grow future leaders for your team.


National sector update

Paul Mondo ACA National President

Within the every changing and challenging landscape of early childhood education and care, Paul Mondo will provide updates from a federal and state and local government perspective.


Embrace the magic of learning and the spirit of collaboration at the Early Learning Conference in Launceston, Tasmania.


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