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ACA NSW Quickies – A&R 2021: Creating The Best Possible Submission

August 11, 2021 - August 11, 2021

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The topics to be covered in the ACA NSW Quickies – A&R 2021: Creating The Best Possible Submission are:


  • How has the Assessment & Rating process changed since 1 January 2018?
  • What’s the difference between submitting a QIP versus the NSW Self-Assessment Working Document?
  • What do Exceeding versus Meeting versus Working Towards submissions for Assessment & Rating look like?
  • Which staff members and what skills are needed to assemble the submission for Assessment & Rating?
  • How to prepare your service well in advance for Assessment and Rating?


Historically, Assessment and Rating has arguably been the most complex in NSW. And since 2018, it has been made the more confusing given the changes in the National Quality Framework, their consequent interpretations, and the NSW Department of Education’s introduction of its Self-Assessment Working Document (as opposed to ACECQA’s Self-Assessment Tool).


ACA NSW has been able to gather its direct engagement with the NSW Department of Education and participating services the best possible information and advice to share and support services in anticipation of their next Assessment and Ratings.


For more information, please see here.


COVID: Due to the evolving situation with COVID restrictions this event may be changed, or may be delivered online via Zoom only. Please register for the event to receive updates.

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