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A Developing Brain

February 15, 2022 - February 15, 2022

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Vibe Hotel Melbourne, I Queen Street

  • The workshop will cover:

    how the brain develops and how the experiences and relationships children are exposed to in early childhood will influence behaviour, learning, regulation, social and emotional development, and general well-being;


  • the relationships and experiences children need during early childhood to optimise learning, and behavioural, social, and emotional development;


  • the strategies that can be used at a group or individual level to support the building of strong neural foundations in all young children;
    using neuroscience to respond effectively to tantrums, big behaviour, and ‘big feelings’;


  • looking behind big behaviour – an easy, practical way to understand behaviour through a neuroscientific lens, and the importance of translating this into all early childhood practices;


  • how to nurture emotional self-regulation in children;


  • why many common behaviour management techniques don’t work, their impact on the developing brain, and what to do instead;


  • the importance of attachment in building the strong neural foundations for essential areas of development including the ability to form meaningful relationships, emotional regulation, joy, empathy, independence, and resilience;


  • how to activate attachment systems;


  • the impact of trauma on the developing brain, specifically in relation to learning, relationships, social and emotional development, behaviour;


  • the relational conditions and experiences that can protect and strengthen young children who have experienced trauma.


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