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8 Ways of Knowing: Cultural Education

October 16, 2020 - October 16, 2020

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St Albans Community Centre 33 Princess St St Albans, Victoria

What is the 8 Ways of Knowing about?


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ‘8 ways of knowing’ is a relational learning system that is based on the traditional knowledge wheel – a process of building cultural knowledge and sharing that is passed down through generations. It allows the knowledge keepers to build and pass on knowledge at stages of maturity and wisdom. These eight forms of knowledge are:


  • AIR – Narrative (Storytelling)
  • FIRE – ceremony (smoking and water)
  • WATER – Land and Water
  • EARTH – Connecting to country
  • STARS – Journey (history)
  • BLOOD – reflective & Healing
  • WOOD – creative (art)
  • TOTEM – Cultural Lore


Building your knowing and understanding of First Nation people, communities and cultures.


Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people have a strong and lasting connection to our knowledge streams, to our land, water and communites. It is through our relational system of sharing and healing that we build and pass our knowledge through generations. Salt Studio Consultancy in partnership with Aunty Diane Kerr OAM and Brimbank City Council will run these cultural knowledge building sessions for mainstream organisations and individuals working with First Nations peoples.


This sessions will unpack many of the stereo typical notions about First Nation peoples, communities and Culture. It will challenge levels of racism that impact on health and healing of First Nations peoples. We will yarn about pathways to healing, walking together and working with First Nations peoples.


This training is suitable for those who have attended Cultural Awareness training previously and want a follow up session to build a deeper knowing.


We look forward to sharing and yarning with you. SALT TEAM


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