Group work gets kids more engaged in STEM

Shortage of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) professionals has been an important concern in the United States. It is estimated that over the next 10 years, the nation could face a shortage of one million STEM workers.

3 weeks

by Freya Lucas

Meet the team bringing Australia’s first “physical literacy” curriculum to the ECEC sector

In the wake of a report from the University of Canberra Institute for Sport and Exercise confirming the benefits of physical literacy programs for young children's developmental outcomes, The Sector, met with the team behind the project to learn more about the journey so far, how they came to be at the helm of such an important project and what their plans are for the future. 

4 weeks

by Jason Roberts

How the pandemic is changing children’s play

Children seem to have the magical capacity to see the world in its beauty. Experiencing the sky from the perspective of a flower or a bee, a capacity to breathe slowly and smell a hundred different smells, while listening to leaves rustling in the trees. For a child, the vibrant colours are clearer, and time seems to stand still...

1 month

by Freya Lucas

Little Scientists joins Australian Academy of Science to promote STEM at every age

The Australian Academy of Science and Little Scientists have teamed up to work on a campaign promoting the importance of STEM education in building the problem solving and critical thinking skills that are essential for all Australians.

1 month

by Freya Lucas

Government issues 'messaging for families' script to support ECEC Relief Package rollout

The Federal Department of Education, Skills and Employment have issued information to all providers via email, designed for providers to pass on to families following the 2 April announcement of the ECEC Relief Package.

7 months

by Freya Lucas

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