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Monash University welcomes Professor Juliana Campregher Pasqualini

by Freya Lucas

July 05, 2024

Professor Juliana Campregher Pasqualini has joined the Faculty of Education at Monash University as a key member of the University’s School of Educational Psychology and Counselling and leader of the Conceptual PlayLab, bringing extensive experience and a passion for early childhood education.


Eager to continue the innovative research at Conceptual PlayLab, Professor Campregher Pasqualini aims to broaden the discussions on quality early childhood education to a global scale, and is dedicated to fostering international partnerships and exploring new ways to apply the Conceptual PlayWorlds methodology with Monash Education.


“I see this opportunity as a chance to continue the work I have been developing throughout my professional career, in close collaboration with early childhood education teachers, in the pursuit of teaching methodologies that promote development and ensure the learning and well-being of not only the children but everyone involved in the early years education and care practice.”


Professor Campregher Pasqualini’s journey into the complex world of early childhood education began during her psychology studies, where she embraced the cultural-historical approach to human development, focusing on the interconnectedness of people and the potential of education to foster children’s growth. 


She completed her degree in Psychology in 2003 and went on to complete a Ph.D. in early childhood education in 2010.


Her career at São Paulo State University saw her become a tenured professor at 29, where she taught various psychology courses and supervised many students. Her work has been widely recognised in Brazil, earning her a reputation as an expert in the field, with invitations at various universities and conferences.


Internationally, she has built strong connections, including a research stint at the University of Bath under the guidance and mentorship of Seth Chaiklin and Mariane Hedegaard, which greatly influenced her career. These experiences have enhanced her understanding and practice of early childhood education.


The Professor has led major projects to develop early childhood education curriculums in Brazilian cities. Notably, she coordinated a team in Bauru to create a comprehensive curriculum guide, which has become a model for others. Her efforts in curriculum development and pedagogy have made a lasting impact on early childhood education in Brazil.


Her commitment to enhancing the learning and well-being of children and educators, a Monash representative said, “fits perfectly with our mission and is a welcome extension of the work through the Conceptual PlayLab.”


“I believe that the strength which led the PlayLab under Professor Marilyn Fleer’s leadership to become a global influencer in the debate on early childhood education comes from the theoretical consistency combined with the commitment to producing knowledge that is relevant to transforming social practice,” Professor Campregher Pasqualini said.


“It is precisely this spirit that I intend to help keep alive, by strengthening international partnerships and interdisciplinary dialogue, exploring new applications of the Conceptual PlayWorlds methodology at the early childhood education curriculum level.”

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