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ECEC Provider in Focus: Keiki Early Learning

by Freya Lucas

June 14, 2024

Keiki Early Learning is a small group of family owned and operated child care centres in Perth’s northern suburbs which have been operating since 2003.


As well as long day care services Keiki provides Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) and Vacation Care programs based at Mindarie Primary School, Tapping Primary School, and Shorehaven Primary School in Alkimos.


What is the history of Keiki Early Learning? 


The first Keiki service in Mindarie was opened by sisters Sam and Angela in 2003, when Sam was unable to find care for two of her children to a standard which met her expectations.  


In 2008 the first Keiki OSHC service opened, along with a kindergarten service for children three years of age and up at Mindarie Primary School. 


After opening another two services it was decided the four services needed a new name that would unify them as one, and in 2019 all services were renamed under the brand Keiki Early Learning. 


Since 2019 Sam and Angela have added new early learning services to Perth’s northern suburbs including Keiki Glendale in Hamersley, Keiki Edgewater and Keiki Catalina in Clarkson, as well as two OSHC services, Keiki Shorehaven and Keiki Tapping, both based at local primary schools. 


What is the Keiki Early Learning vision and approach to learning? 


All Keiki services share three core values: 


  • Our Community (staff, children, families and the wider community), 
  • The Whole Child (meeting the holistic needs of every child) and; 
  • Earth to Sky (being aware of our environmental footprint and living a sustainable life).


In keeping with the perspective of valuing the whole child, Keiki believes that every child is born full of potential and with an innate desire to learn and explore their world. 


Children at Keiki services benefit from “beautiful, thoughtful environments” where they are invited and encouraged to make their own choices, to explore the arts, enjoy physical play,  practice mindfulness and develop meaningful, positive relationships with others.


“We understand that every child learns at their own pace, so we facilitate children to direct their own learning experience with a focus on their particular interests and needs. We follow the individual ‘meander’ of each child’s beautiful learning journey, observing, co-constructing learning together and sharing the joys of wonder and discovery,” information on the Keiki website notes.


“We believe the emotional needs of every child must be met first to enable them to participate, play and learn. Each child’s growing competence and confidence is supported in many ways, from the provision of healthy nutritious meals to flexible play spaces for physical activity.”


Are there any unique aspects to the Keiki offer? 


Keiki Early Learning firmly believes that the environment is the ‘third’ teacher (with the family and educators being the first and second). 


As such the physical environment is not simply a backdrop to the curriculum but rather is part of the program. 


Each early childhood service has its own garden, and natural materials are incorporated into the indoor and outdoor environment. 


Wood and natural materials have been used throughout all services to create a calming and warm environment which children find attractive, engaging and interesting, with many resources to interact with, see and touch. 


Keiki’s learning environments are designed to provide countless opportunities for open-ended play to suit different abilities and interests.


“Our environment is safe and protected and children are given the opportunity to develop at their own rate and in their own time. We offer ‘real’ opportunities for learning and development where children can discover and create through constructive play,” Keiki owners note.


What is the Keiki approach to educator professional development?


Educators and Centre Coordinators are supported by the Keiki Hub team, with expertise in areas such as human resources, finance, marketing, administration and compliance, working toward a common goal of providing the best possible opportunities for children to play, learn and grow.


Regular training and professional development is available for all our staff, with leaders fostering an environment of transparency, honesty and collaboration that values each team members’ ongoing learning. 


Many Keiki employees are long-term staff members who have advanced within the company.


To learn more about Keiki Early Learning please see here

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