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ECEC Provider in Focus: Unique Unicorns

by Freya Lucas

June 07, 2024

Unique Unicorns is an owner operated long day care centre located at Cannon Park in Townsville, Queensland. 


Unique Unicorns is a 75 place service open Monday – Friday, 6am – 6pm, 50 weeks a year. 


What is the history of Unique Unicorns? 


Established in 2004, owner and Centre Director Leanne Rebgetz had a vision to create “a practical and progressive business” that was also innovative and compliant to enhance the positive experiences of children and their parents. 


In the initial stages of designing the centre, Ms Rebgetz worked closely with both architects and builders. 


“We designed a centre with a practical layout that encompassed large rooms and extra-large outdoor play areas” she explained. 


“Unique Unicorns was built beyond industry (sic.) standards, with quality equipment and staff that ensures positive outcomes for each child.” 


What is the Unique Unicorns vision and approach to learning?


Unique Unicorn’s philosophy focuses on helping every child achieve their developmental potential, while forming a relaxed and warm environment for families.


Inspired by Reggio Emilia philosophies and ways of teaching, the service follows an emergent curriculum, removing the focus on ages and stages of developmental milestones and set forms of curriculum related programs.


Unique Unicorns instead aims to embrace, challenge and extend children’s interests and strengths while working alongside families to incorporate their views, ideas and knowledge. 


Are there any unique aspects to the Unique Unicorns offer? 


Unique Unicorns has a variety of centre pets that all children can have hands-on experiences with. 


Children are encouraged to be actively involved with the centre pets, as it helps develop an understanding and responsibility of caring and looking after another living being, as well as providing countless learning opportunities. 


The centre also encourages children to be involved in caring for their natural environment, by looking after vegetable gardens, compost areas, worm farms, water saving and recycling and recycling batteries, cans and plastic bags.


During the planning phase the service was purposely designed to incorporate larger than required, well – equipped rooms and more expansive grassed playgrounds, which helps to stimulate and support the children’s own choices, interest, and ideas. 


To learn more about Unique Unicorns please visit their website, here

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