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A revolution which moves far beyond casual recruitment: The Z Staffing difference

by Freya Lucas

May 28, 2024

When more than 2,000 early childhood education and care services choose to use your platform, you know you are onto a good thing, and that has been the recent experience for the team at Z Staffing. 


Z Staffing was founded in 2021, and was inspired by the real world lived experience of offering high quality early childhood settings, and needing to quickly find high quality staff to cover last minute staffing gaps across the network. 


“We found leaders were spending so much time making phone calls and trying to cover staff illnesses or those last minute shifts,” General Manager Tony Been said. 


“It was inefficient, stressful, and it kept our team away from doing what they do best – connecting with children, supporting families, and guiding their educators with high quality programs and practice.”


This experience wasn’t a unique one. Earlier this year, the Z Staffing team reached out to the broader early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector to learn more about the state of staffing in the field, with the aim of identifying the primary challenges services face, and to offer practical solutions. 


With nearly 200 results, the survey uncovered the largest challenges facing ECEC, including unprecedented demand for care, high vacancy rates when it comes to job ads, and a heartbreaking statistic which showed that 95 per cent of surveyed respondents feel stress or extreme stress when it comes to dealing with staffing challenges.


Frustrated by what they see as inefficient processes, the team behind Z Staffing use their experience and expertise to deliver a transformative approach that goes far beyond recruitment, and into the world of tech based solution finding. 


Z Staffing prides itself on its proprietary technology with an app based solution which has revolutionised casual staffing, with a number of satisfied users complimenting the team on the seamless solutions they provide. The technology utilises sophisticated algorithms to effectively match educators with shifts, considering factors like qualifications, availability, and location preferences. This system not only streamlines the staffing process but also ensures high compatibility and satisfaction among users, according to feedback from several childcare centres.


“Having worked in early childhood for decades, we have the advantage of knowing the sector inside and out, and that’s one of the many things which sets us apart,” Mr Been said. 


Multiple approved providers including Amiga Montessori, Bright Minds Early Learning and Froebel Australia are happy users of Z Staffing, praising the team for the wrap around support they provide, and for sharing a common goal of ‘creating a world where there are no staff shortages.’ 


“There were occasions when I posted the shift to be covered and within as little as 30 minutes the shift has been filled,” a centre manager from Amiga Montessori shared. 


“The staff who have come to our service are very reliable, ready to take initiative, and work as part of our team.” 


Essentially, the app is disruptive, in the best possible way, delivering faster and more cost effective staffing solutions while enhancing quality control. 


“Our quality sets us apart from, and gives us a competitive advantage over traditional providers,” Mr Been said. 


The cost effective solution has a 9/10 shift fill rate, saving precious time and energy for service leaders, and eliminating those stressful early morning moments wondering how to keep the service going for a busy day ahead. 


With extensive networks covering wide areas of Australia, from major cities to smaller towns, the Z Staffing platform is designed to patch services in with educators of all qualification levels who are seeking work in their area. 


Educators on the platform are vetted, trained and dedicated, ensuring a high fill rate for shifts. Shifts can be posted as they are required or in advance, and one special feature appreciated by many services is the ability to select preferred educators, ensuring consistency of care for children. 


Using the platform is straightforward and user friendly. Once registered services simply need to set up a profile in the app, and post the shifts they need filled. The app will then match the service’s requirements with suitable educators who have the qualifications and availability they are seeking. 


Discover a new standard in childcare staffing. If you’re an educator who is seeking casual work, or a busy service leader looking for a more efficient way to tackle your casual staffing needs, Z Staffing is here to help. 


To learn more, or to request a demonstration of how the system works, visit the Z Staffing website, contact the team by phone on 1300 922 782 or email [email protected] 

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