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ECEC Provider in Focus: Kentish Lifelong Learning and Care

by Freya Lucas

May 24, 2024

Kentish Lifelong Learning and Care is a not-for-profit organisation supporting the community by providing flexible, safe and affordable services throughout the Northern Territory.


Kentish Lifelong Learning & Care offers Family Day Care (FDC), Out of Home Care (OOHC), family support services and long day care (LDC) across the Northern Territory.


The artwork which leads this story was painted by local artist Tradara Amy Katie Napurula Briscoe in December, 2014.


This painting represents:


  • the partnership that Kentish has within the community
  • leadership with Kentish
  • the future growth for Kentish


This painting includes many symbolic elements highlighting the different aspects of Kentish Lifelong Learning & Care Incorporated.


The witchetty grubs represent growth and development between the community and all those involved with Kentish Lifelong Learning & Care Inc. including the Board of Management through to the children.


The small dotted circles signify young children who are being guided by educators to take the right path in life.

The larger green and yellow dots exemplify young people who have acquired the required life skills to be confident in anything they wish to achieve, and set a good example for the younger children.


The outer line of six people illustrates the educators who pass on their knowledge and wisdom to each and every child who comes within their care as well as Kentish’s care.


The next line of four people show the workers in the office who keep the program organised by keeping Kentish connected to the community and skilling, supporting and mentoring the educators.


The circle of people in the centre indicates the Board of Management and the staff, who make vital decisions. These help to keep the program running by continuously improving, growing and adapting new programs.


The centre circle and small intricate flowers represent “the tree of life” or command centre of Kentish. This keeps the loop of development flowing from young children through to the young people to enable them to be confident and responsible adults, to respect others, gain an education and continually support all those in need of help.


The colours have been selected to suit the Kentish logo, also with bright colours added to give viewers the feeling of happiness, encouragement and comfort.


What is the history of Kentish Lifelong Learning & Care?


Kentish Lifelong Learning & Care is celebrating 30 years of quality care and education in 2024. 


Named in honour of Rupert Kentish, an Australian politician who represented Arnhem in the Northern Territory Legislative Assembly in the 1940s, Kentish Lifelong Learning & Care Inc. honours Mr Kentish’s legacy of advocating for families, women, children and primary industries during his time in parliament.


In 1994, Kentish Child Care was incorporated in the Northern Territory. As the organisation grew from strength to strength, providing early education, as well as other broad community services, the name was changed to Kentish Lifelong Learning & Care Inc. in 2013.


What is Kentish Lifelong Learning & Care vision and approach to learning?


Kentish Lifelong Learning and Care Inc. strives for excellence for each child and young person, sharing with joy their nurturing and care as defined by the motto “Valuing Families, Communities and Each Other” and the belief that each child is an able and capable human being. 


As such, Kentish strives to deliver high quality learning experiences and care which meets the physical, social, emotional, spiritual, cognitive, and language developmental needs of all children, young people, families and Kentish members and/or families. Best practice is aspired to in all activities and endeavours.


Kentish Lifelong Learning and Care Inc. believes that each child should have the opportunity and guidance to develop self-discipline, self-expression and confidence in their own abilities. 


As such, the organisation believes children should be encouraged to make choices, take responsibility and build independence within a loving and accepting care environment.


Learning environments incorporate opportunities for problem solving, creative expression, tolerance, fun and laughter. 


Are there any unique aspects to what Kentish Lifelong Learning & Care offers?


Kentish Lifelong Learning and Care Inc. staff support and encourage the interest and involvement of families, Northern Territory educators and staff, embracing the diversity of the community and respecting the individual needs of families.


Consultation and information sharing is of vital importance to the organisation, which encourages all stakeholders to contribute to, and feel part of, the broader mission.


What is Kentish Lifelong Learning & Care’s approach to educators’ identity and development?


“We believe that each family, educator and staff member comes to the organisation with knowledge and life experience, and that these experiences and differences should be embraced and developed,” information on the website notes. 


“We work together to build on this knowledge and experience through opportunities for training, professional development and ongoing support.”


For more information about Kentish Lifelong Learning & Care please see here

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