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G8 Education named as one of Australia’s most attractive employers for 2024

by Freya Lucas

May 23, 2024

Early childhood education and care (ECEC) provider G8 Education has been named as one of Australia’s top 10 most attractive employers of 2024.


The 2024 Randstad Employer Brand Research named 20 employers who “exemplify excellence within their individual sectors.”


Randstad’s Employer Brand Research harnesses the views and perceptions of over 6,100 Australians across a spectrum of demographics, including gender, age, and employment status. 


This research, part of a global Randstad Employer Brand Survey encompassing over 173,000 respondents, and more than 6,000 companies across 32 markets, reflects deep insights into employer branding, derived from 24 years of research. 


The study focuses on large employers known by at least 20 per cent of the population, providing a balanced and comprehensive look into what makes an employer desirable. 


Professional services network Deloitte claimed the title of Australia’s Most Attractive Employer for 2024, rising dramatically from a position in the Top 40 last year.


G8 Education was named in the top five, valued for its “financial stability, work-life balance, and excellent reputation.”


“We know our people choose G8 Education to do meaningful work with a shared purpose to help shape the lives and minds of thousands of children attending our services every day while creating a fun, inspiring and safe place where all children thrive,” G8 Education’s Acting Chief People Officer Stewart Silk said.


“In recent months we’ve increased our team retention compared to the prior year and our teacher retention has also increased. This was achieved by focusing on ongoing employee education and other workplace factors including the health and well-being of our people.”


The research, Randstad said, shows no single pathway to becoming a top employer in Australia. 


“Each top-ranked organisation has tailored its strategy to leverage unique strengths—be it financial stability, work-life balance, or job security. This year’s findings also highlight the importance of location and career opportunities, indicating a shift in what potential employees value most in their work environment,” report authors note.


The landscape of employer attractiveness isn’t just about what organisations are offering now, but also how they align with the evolving expectations of potential employees. Key drivers like work-life balance, attractive salary and benefits, and job security remain top priorities. 


Interestingly, equity has emerged as a critical factor, especially among women, reflecting broader social movements towards inclusivity and fairness in the workplace.


For organisations aiming to boost their employer brand and increasingly attract, engage, and retain top talent, Randstad recommends focusing on holistic employer branding strategies that address both traditional and emerging employee priorities will be key. 

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