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ECEC Provider in Focus: Catholic Care Tasmania

by Freya Lucas

May 17, 2024

CatholicCare Tasmania offers long day care and outside school hours care (OSHC) services, along with vacation care options in a number of Tasmanian suburbs. 


What is the history of CatholicCare Tasmania? 


CatholicCare Tasmania is the primary social services agency of the Catholic Church across Tasmania, and has been operating for more than 60 years. 


The organisation delivers a wide range of services and support for individuals, families and communities. 


CatholicCare Tasmania employs more than 450 staff across the state, and offers a number of programs and projects across the key areas of: 


  • Children
  • Family
  • Housing
  • Multicultural Services
  • Counselling
  • Emergency Relief


CatholicCare Tasmania services are available to people of all backgrounds, religious beliefs and circumstances, and focus in particular on children, young people and families.


What is the CatholicCare Tasmania vision and approach to learning?


CatholicCare seeks to enhance the human life of people by offering the full Christian vision for human life, and seeks to foster a love for the poor and the vulnerable, a spirit of humble service, of mercy and compassion for all.


There are three aspects to CatholicCare Tasmania’s early childhood education and care (ECEC) program: 


  • Early learning and care 
  • Outside school hours care 
  • Ludo early learning (a specialist OSHC program for children aged between three and five years) 


The Early Learning and Care option offers children the opportunity to explore new interests, problem solve and think creatively in fun, safe and nurturing environments. The programs and services support children and young people by developing competencies, emotional health, and preparing them for life-long learning. 


The OSHC services provide care, play and learning for primary school-age children before and after school and during school holidays. These services are located within Tasmanian Catholic Schools and provide support for working families by providing peace of mind that their children are being looked after in a safe, caring and trusting environment. 


The Ludo Early Learning program has been created to deliver quality learning outcomes through a play and inquiry based program for children three to five years of age. Ludo is based in six intentionally selected Tasmanian Catholic schools and prepares children for their transition to Kinder.


Are there any unique aspects of the CatholicCare Tasmania offer? 


CatholicCare Tasmania operates in 15 schools around Tasmania, and in a broader context of wraparound support for vulnerable people in the community. 


Programs such as The Francis Program, which assists participants to strengthen their parent-child relationships and to build positive connections with their families and communities, whist they are in prison or recently released, or the Pathway Home program, which consists of two contracted services to provide intensive family restoration, family preservation and early intervention, where there is Child Safety involvement, offer a range of opportunities for children and families using the OSHC services, should they require them. 


Learn more about the work of CatholicCare Tasmania here

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