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ECEC Provider in Focus: Queensland Childcare Services

by Freya Lucas

May 10, 2024

Queensland Childcare Services (QCCS) is a privately owned and operated company which provides early childhood education to children in South East Queensland. 


QCCS has 24 services across Queensland. 


What is the history of QCCS?


QCCS was established in 1991.


What is the QCCS vision and approach to learning? 


QCCS is committed to delivering the Early Years Learning Framework via an Emergent Curriculum. Programs are based on the individual needs of children and are balanced and developmentally appropriate. 


The program has a number of variations at any given time, providing for a wide range of individual experiences. These experiences give the children the opportunity to make choices and take on new challenges. 


QCCS has a goal of inspiring delight, curiosity, and inquiry in the classroom. Educators recognise that learning is not always predictable and linear. Educators plan with each child and the outcomes in mind. 


Each child is viewed holistically and the service proudly works in collaboration with parents to celebrate, value and document the achievements of their child throughout their time in QCCS.


Are there any unique aspects to the QCCS offering? 


QCCS has a focus on teaching children that physical activity is both fun and healthy for bodies and minds, offering physical activity programs and yoga programs for children, through which children receive at least three hours of physical activity every day through: 


  • Morning physical activity routine
  • General indoor physical activity
  • Outdoor experiences


What is QCCS’s approach to educators’ identity and development?


QCCS highly values staff training and ongoing professional development as an integral part of its culture. 


As part of this commitment, QCCS established its own Early Childhood Training Organisation, the Australian Institute of Early Childhood Studies (AIECS) RTO 30693. 


The college delivers hands on training in numerous nationally recognised qualifications in early childhood:


  • CHC30113 – Certificate III in Early Childhood Education & Care
  • CHC50113 – Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care
  • CHC62015 – Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management
  • Food Safety Supervisor Certificate 


To learn more about QCCS please see here

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