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Affinity Education Group’s Linda Carroll is on a myth busting mission

by Freya Lucas

April 23, 2024

Affinity Education Group’s Chief People Officer Linda Carroll recently participated in the Jobs Showcase online hosted by the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (DEWR) and attended by more than 1500 people interested in early childhood education and care (ECEC) careers.


Presenters aimed to showcase the way in which working in ECEC can be both exciting and rewarding, and to bust some myths or perceptions which the broader community may hold about working in the sector. 


Ms Carroll was joined by Affinity employee Clelia, an early childhood educator who has been supported by the provider to upskill and become an ECT. 


“I love hearing from parents that their child has gone home and told them something they’ve learned, and then the parent lets me know. That’s such a great experience to be a part of,” Clelia said. 


“You’re going to be rewarded by children’s smiles and confidence, and this is one of the most secure jobs I know of – you’re always needed,” she said.  


Top five myths busted


Below are some of the top myths or misconceptions about working in ECEC which Affinity and other providers would like to bust.


Myth 1: Working with children is easy and anyone can do it. 


Fact: This is skilled work. All early childhood educators need a qualification – and employers can help new staff to get qualified. 


Myth 2: It’s just like babysitting and can get boring. 


Fact: Working with children is never boring! Educators and teachers plan and deliver educational programs for groups of children. This involves art, science, singing, outdoor play, construction – and lots more. 


Myth 3: It’s low paid and not challenging. 


Fact: A lot of employers pay above the award wage for qualified and experienced candidates who will make a great addition to their team. They also support their staff to train, upskill and gain new qualifications and higher pay. 


Myth 4: There’s no career path. 


Fact: There are huge opportunities for career advancement – including teacher level, centre director and beyond. 


Myth 5: The jobs are only for women. 


Fact: We welcome men to our sector and we know men can be excellent educators and teachers. 


To view the 2024 Jobs Showcase presentation please see here. More information about careers at Affinity is available here

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