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ECEC Provider in Focus: PCYC Queensland Outside School Hours Care

by Freya Lucas

April 19, 2024

PCYC Queensland Outside School Hours Care is an outside school hours care (OSHC) provider with more than 100 services across Queensland. 


What is the history of PCYC Queensland OSHC?


PCYC Queensland was established in 1948, and has an extensive history of providing school aged care to more than 25,000 children annually, across more than 100 service locations, both within school-based and club-based centres, and is backed by an ongoing partnership with the Queensland Police Service. 


What is the PCYC Queensland OSHC vision and approach to learning? 


PCYC OSHC believes that children are active learners from birth, constructing knowledge, meaning and understanding through their interactions, relationships and experiences. 


The provider believes that rich, engaging environments and meaningful interactions, where children’s voices are listened to and acted upon, build on this foundation for successful lifelong learning.


What is the PCYC Queensland OSHC approach to educators’ identity and development?


PCYC Queensland OSHC offers both comprehensive online induction and site-specific orientations along with targeted professional development to meet the specific needs of each team member.


Are there any unique aspects to the PCYC Queensland OSHC offer? 


PCYC Queensland OSHC is part of the broader range of offerings provided by Police-Citizens Youth Clubs (PCYC) Queensland, an award-winning charity providing youth and community programs, services and facilities.


As well as OSHC services PCYC Queensland offers activities and programs such as gymnastics, boxing, dance, martial arts, gym services and more. 


Across all its services PCYC Queensland supports more than 70,000 members across 56 clubs from the Torres Strait to the Gold Coast and beyond.


PCYC Queensland operates under three pillars: 


  • youth development, 
  • crime prevention, and; 
  • community engagement


The programs and activities offered by PCYC Queensland encourage social cohesion, address whole of community needs and positively impact local communities. 


Approximately 95 per cent of PCYC Queensland clubs are in low socio-economic areas, with 60 per cent in the top 50 high needs areas of Queensland.


PCYC Queensland clubs play a vital role in the lives of more than 50,000 young people each year, many of whom are at risk, disadvantaged or disengaged.


Learn more about PCYC Queensland OSHC here

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