Three ways LineLeader helps child care organisations
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Three ways LineLeader helps child care organisations exceed their marketing goals

by Jason Roberts

April 09, 2024
Three ways LineLeader helps child care

What if you could empower your centre locations to grow occupancy, while accessing real-time data about which campaigns are most effective for driving ROI and knowing exactly where families are falling out of your enrolment journey?


Let’s explore some of the ways today’s leading childcare chief marketing officers are using LineLeader’s CRM and marketing automation tools to provide a five-star brand experience for families, directors, and staff — while delivering the data insights you need to increase your results.


1. Embrace a Niche CRM


Big box CRMs are excellent at what they do, but they simply weren’t built with childcare enterprises in mind. Rather than paying for generalist features your centres and team don’t use, LineLeader allows you to configure your platform to your unique needs.


Here are some ways LineLeader can helps streamline and scale marketing initiatives:


  • Custom workflow automation – LineLeader automates and streamlines enrolment communications, tasks and other key processes based on what works for you and your brand. 


  • Multicentre branding – With the ability to save and store branding elements like templates, logos, fonts, and colors – you can improve the experience across multiple locations and brands.


  • Enrolment Teams – Manage centralised enrolment teams, in one system and with one login. LineLeader can route new inquiries to the right team members with complete centre visibility. 


  • Enrolment Performance Reporting – Access standard enrolment reports or build custom reports to track enrolment performance your way. Plus, automate the same reports too.


  • Custom Dashboards – Create and customize unlimited dashboards to view key information at a glance that helps you make decisions and track overall performance.


No more complicated web hooks or frustrated calls to customer service. As a niche CRM dedicated to supporting the childcare community, LineLeader gives you the configurability you need — with the hands-on support you deserve.


2. Automate performance reporting


Early learning organisations spend between four to nine hours compiling reports by hand. However, LineLeader users have reported saving 8 hours per day via automated reporting.


Here are just some of the advanced reports your team can access through LineLeader’s one-click reporting:


  • Campaign ROI Report – Easily see which campaigns are driving enrolments.


  • Lead Source Report – See your most effective lead sources and increase ROI


  • Estimated Revenue Pipeline Report – Forecast and optimize your marketing budget for the next quarter or year and track conversion successes and revenue at all levels. 


  • Conversion Success and Timing Report – From ‘New Lead’ to ‘Tour Scheduled’, you can see exactly how long it takes to convert leads from one stage to the next


  • Lost Opportunities Report – See exactly where leads are dropping out of your enrolment funnel to optimize the experience and increase organization-wide conversion rates.


With reporting and automation features that seamlessly align data from across multiple centres and regions, you can access the insight you need to discover which marketing campaigns are producing enrolments and drive more revenue across all centre locations.


3. Elevate enrolment forecasting


LineLeader helps you monitor your enrolment pipeline across regions, centers, and brands. Track incoming leads, waitlisted families, and open spaces, so it’s easy to forecast revenue and profitability.


Here are some of the ways LineLeader can help you elevate your enrolment forecasting:


  • View family engagement levels by location, region, or at the corporate level


  • Estimate revenue opportunities in your pipeline


  • Run reports on potential revenue to forecast profits


  • See how much revenue each conversion generated


  • Calculate your return to optimise marketing budgets


LineLeader makes it easy for your centre directors to manage attendance, waitlists, and 

classroom capacities, helping to sharpen forecasting for the next year.


With a team of experts in not just software, but childcare technology, we’re uniquely positioned to help you upgrade operations and drive greater ROI through enhanced data and marketing analytics, while customizing the platform to support your existing workflows across multiple centre locations.


Book a consultation with one of our product experts to learn more about how LineLeader can help you get better insight into what’s working and what’s not, scale your team’s productivity, and help your business reach the next level.

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