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Petit ELJ introduces new pay framework designed to reward qualified educators

by Freya Lucas

April 04, 2024

Early childhood provider Petit Early Learning Journey (ELJ) has announced “a significant pay framework” which has been designed to “benefit and reward employees” following the results of a family survey. 


A new remuneration scale sits at the centre of the reforms, based on the qualification held by an employee, or the qualification for which they are studying. 


Within the framework is a recognition system which aims to showcase the work of those who are considered to be going ‘above and beyond’ or contributing in ways which families value. 


Several new allowances have been built into the framework to reward the contribution of permanent staff members, specifically recognising continuity and consistency of care, ongoing learning within ECEC and accountability.


“Staff recruitment and retention has been an ongoing issue in the sector for some years and Petit ELJ has devised a framework designed to competitively remunerate, reward and retain our qualified educators and address family concerns,” Melissa Hart, Petit ELJ’s People and Culture Operations Manager explained. 


The introduction of the new framework follows a trial undertaken in December 2023, with half of the centres in the Petit ELJ network participating. 


“It was so successful that we secured these teams and filled our open vacancies. Based on the success of this pilot we decided to roll out our new framework to every centre,” Ms Hart said. 


The Framework is part of a broader focus to improve staffing, particularly in the recruitment and retention space, and to ensure that teams are better supported financially. 


“Our employees’ health and happiness is important to us and our team focus this year is on financial well-being, with the rollout being the start,” Ms Hart said. 


To learn more about working with Petit ELJ please see here. 

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