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ECEC Provider in Focus: Ignite Minds

by Freya Lucas

February 23, 2024

Ignite Minds is a Family Day Care (FDC) provider which was last rated in December 2022 as Meeting the National Quality Standard.


What is the history of Ignite Minds? 


The provider was granted service approval in February 2014, with Ignite Minds currently offering FDC to families in Victoria via a team of educators. 


What is the Ignite Minds vision and approach to learning? 


Educators are required to plan a daily program of activities for children in their care and are encouraged to invite families to view their program and give feedback. These programs include a range of experiences and activities covering areas such as craft and art, language and stories, music and movement, fine and gross motor skills. 


Planned activities are age appropriate, developmentally appropriate, and respond to the learning needs of children.


Children are able to freely choose their play activities, and participate in regular outings to the park, library, and other community events. 


What is the Ignite Minds approach to educator professional development? 


Ignite Minds has expressed “an overwhelming commitment to further education for everyone,” and encourages all educators to formalise their skills and experience with ongoing professional development.


Ignite Minds offers training in formal qualifications and ongoing professional training offered on a needs and /or interest based basis.


Are there any unique aspects to the service? 


Ignite Minds has an FDC specific podcast which can be accessed here

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