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ECEC Provider in Focus: Harmony Early Learning Journey

by Freya Lucas

February 09, 2024

Harmony Early Learning Journey is a long day care provider with 15 centres in Queensland and New South Wales, with a range of quality ratings from Meeting to Exceeding the National Quality Standard. Three new services are due to open under the Harmony Early Learning Journey banner in 2024.  The head office for Harmony Early Learning Journey is located on Queensland’s Gold Coast, on Hope Island. 


What is the Harmony Early Learning Journey vision and approach to learning?


Harmony’s vision is to nurture and assist every child to develop their unique abilities and discover their future unlimited potential.


The organisation aspires to: 


  • Provide an atmosphere which awakens the love of learning
  • Nurture a sense of wonder and inspire the spirit of human imagination
  • Follow a holistic approach encompassing a connection of mind, body and spirit
  • Cultivate a child’s self-awareness of their body, feelings, thoughts and attitudes
  • Support the discovery of each child’s unique personality
  • Foster an understanding and respect for the natural environment
  • Encourage sustainable practices to nurture children’s understanding of their responsibility to care for the environment
  • Engage and uphold the values on which Harmony was founded


Are there any unique aspects to the Harmony Early Learning Journey offer? 


Harmony’s educator team is guided by a Statement of Intent which outlines the philosophy, ethics and social responsibility of the organisation. Educators working for Harmony are committed to: 


  • upholding the rights of all children and acknowledges the place of childhood as a unique and critical part of human lifespan development.
  • supporting educators as lifelong learners who will always act collectively and collaboratively in the best interests of children and each other.
  • recognising families as children’s most important social and cultural community, where they learn about who they are and their place in the world.
  • ensuring the broader community share a united obligation as advocates for and on behalf of our youngest citizens, attentive to the international mandate that the voices of children should be heard and acted upon.
  • guaranteeing the principles and practices which frame the early childhood profession in Australia and underpin our work with and alongside children, families and colleagues.


What is Harmony’s approach to educator professional development? 


Harmony Early Learning Journey acknowledges that education is a continuous process, not only for children, but also for educators and support teams. 


As such, the provider is committed to a continuous coaching environment that ensures access for all educators to ongoing on-the-job and formal professional development.


All educators have professional development opportunities throughout each year, and are supported by an “inspirational and collaborative network” of fellow early childhood professionals who are encouraged to share their knowledge, skills and best practices. 


Harmony Early Learning Journey has a dedicated head of Curriculum and Pedagogy, and Educational Leader roles in each service are non-contact. 


To learn more about Harmony Early Learning Journey please visit the website.

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