Educator charged after taking children from park
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ECEC professional charged after allegedly forcibly detaining children

by Freya Lucas

January 10, 2024

An early childhood education and care (ECEC) professional from the West Australian community of Exmouth has been refused bail in relation to allegations of forcibly detaining two children she encountered whilst walking her dog. 


The 28 year old is alleged to have attempted to take two children, aged two and six years, away from a park where they were playing while she was walking her dog on Sunday evening. 


The prosecutors in the cash have alleged that the educator approached a group of eight children and spoke to them before picking up the two year old, and taking the six year old by the hand, walking away with them whilst telling the remaining children that the pair “were cute” and that she was “taking them home for the night.” 


The police further alleged that the remaining children fought to get the two children back before informing their parents of what had happened. 


The educator returned to the home of one of the children to get her dog, who had followed the child home after the incident. Whilst at the residence, the police alleged that the educator interacted with the parents, who called the police after the educator repeated her intention to take the children home for the evening. 


The magistrate hearing the case refused bail, describing the conduct of the educator as “very bizarre behaviour.” 


The educator has been remanded in custody and will next be before the court on 20 March for a committal mention. 

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